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So you've never been in the field. That's fine. They could've hired 007, or 008 -- maybe even picked some kid off the street. But they chose you. And although you're not sure why either, here you are. Ears and face pressed against a door, listening to the soft mumbles of the Dictator Summit of 2016. It's useless. You can barely make out Hitler 2.0 from Mussolini 2.0. Maybe Hitler 3.0 is in there too. You. Don't. Know.


Oh look, your partner's pulling out his phone. What's he doing? You make "hush-hush" noises, but he doesn't pay attention. His phone case is big. There's an Galaxy S7 Edge hidden in there somewhere, but you can't tell. Of all phone cases. He calls you, setting up a two-way chanel, and attempts to quickly slide it under the door. He does this carelessly, trying to appear sangfroid. Cool, calm, and composed. Your savvy vocabulary had that served up right away to describe his attempt. His move wasn't nearly as savvy. The top of the phone case hits the the door's bottom with a THUD. You could scream. The conference briefly pauses.


Did they think it was a mouse? A beating heart? Maybe it was the one-eyed-man's cat. The conference continues. Maybe your partner's idea wasn't so bad after all. It was just missing a little finesse. You pull out your phone. It's also a Galaxy S7 Edge, but it's got the Ghostek Covert Galaxy S7 Edge Phone Case. It wasn't standard issue, but the shiny dark grey looked good with the suit. You go on a test run, checking to see if the phone fits under the door. Fits? It's practically a limboing champion. Fits? If it were this small, she'd never come back. Into the other room, the phone goes, and sure enough. They're evil.


They want everything the world has to offer. Ice cream trucks, all-you-can-eat buffets, and big-eyed puppies. All the good stuff. It's all part of the plan. Luckily they're all in one room. And luckily you and your partner have enough C4. The two of you plant it and exit the building. Palace. More like a dungeon. It goes off. Surveying the site afterward, you see nothing. No wait. There's a glimmer. Curiosity leads you to it. You brush aside the dust and sure enough. It's your phone. Of all phone cases, of all Samsung phone cases this was truly the one. This Galaxy S7 Edge phone case saved the day. No wait. You did. You chose it. Of all the bland, faceless, thick cases sitting on that shelf. Who says style can't be functional? Not you. And not this Galaxy S7 Edge phone case.


The state of the art impact absorbing design diverts impact resonance to the bumper. This bumper is called the TPU Frame, and in absorbing the impact, protects all internal gadgetry.


  • PRECISELY CUT: With the case cut so precisely, the Galaxy S7 Edge headphone and microphone jacks will be just as accessible. You'll only have to carry what you need, making international travels a breeze. 
  • 5-COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Clear, Dark Gray, Rose Pink, Peach & Gold. Perfect for any suit of action. 
  • ELECTROPLATED COLORS: Your front-facing camera isn't a mirror. But this could be. It's so slim, you won't notice it. But you'll thank it. 
  • SPRING BUMPERS: Resilience is key. You'll be back in the action in no time. Impact absorbing design. Your case will take the heat. Not your phone or anything inside. 
  • COMES WITH AN EXPLOSION-PROOF SCREEN PROTECTOR: Your phone will be with you at the center of all the action. 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.

20+ zákazníkov už zakúpilo

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Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Covert Series, Clear (GHOCAS390)

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